Photonics in Federal European FP7 R&D Program


A review of Photonics-enabled projects in FP7

Date of publication: 22th January, 2013

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Date of publication 22 January 2013
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General outline

Since 2009, Photonics is featured as one of the "Key Enabling Technologies" (KETs) for Europe. Photonics is recognized as strategic for European industrial companies and the renewal of the EU competitiveness through wide and strong deployments of innovative products and processes.

This report provides a quantitative analysis on the pervasive nature of Photonics technologies by extracting figures from more than 370 Photonics-based projects found in the whole FP7 database. FP7 is the federal tool for R&D investments in European Union. These projects are split up into various themes like Health, Security, Food and industrial Biotechnology, Transport, Environment, Security, Energy… Analyses per theme, per country or per targeted application are given. This reports provides also the distribution of European photonic funding across the value chain, targeted markets and an analysis of industrial and SMEs involvement.

1.295 b€ European funding for Photonics-enabled projects

Through the 7th Framework Program (FP7), the European Commission allocated around 29b€ (38.6b$) to more than 5 000 R&D projects over the five past years (2007-2012). Among this budget, 1 295 b€ have been allocated to 374 Photonics-enabled projects. These projects develop materials, components as well as integrated systems based on Photonics.

They are widely spread among the different thematic areas of the FP7 (see Fig.1) which confirms the strong pervasive nature of Photonics in innovation and development of new products.

      Fig.1 Distribution of photonic funding over the FP7 thematic areas

Top 3 of most participating countries : Germany, France, UK

The total number of participations to these Photonics-based projects is 3559. The participants are large companies (475 partici-pations) as well as SMEs (995 participations) or non indus-trial players (2089 parti-cipations).

56 different countries are involved in Photonics-based projects. Most of them are European countries but other countries like US, Australia or Japan also participated in projects. The most participating country is Germany with 692 participations. 

Fig.2 Participations in Photonics-based projects per country

Key features of the report

  • General introduction of the 7th Framework  Program (FP7) and methodology of projects selection
  • Overall funding of Photonics-enabled technologies development in FP7 (between 2007 and 2012) and distribution of funding per theme
  • Most participating countries and key industrial players per country
  • Funding distribution per value chain step and per targeted market

Table of contents

1.Executive Summary
2.The 7th Framework Program
  • General description
  • Detailed Structure
  • Programs and thematic areas selected for the report
  • European R&D funding over years
  • Definitions and abbreviations
  • Sources
  • Selection method and criteria
  • Data acquisition and processing
  • Limitations
4.General results
  • Budgets
  • Participating countries
  • Industrial participations
  • Overview per theme and per country
  • Coordination of projects
5.Industrial involvement
  • Introduction
  • Distribution per theme
  • Allocated budget to SMEs
  • Most interesting themes for Photonics industrials
  • Allocated budget to SMEs
  • Most interesting themes for Photonics industrials
4.Analysis per function and value chain step
  • Introduction
  • Allocated budgets per function and value chain steps
5.Analysis per theme
  • Which themes are more open to Photonics ?
  • Which strategy for maximizing the chance to be funded ?
  • ICT
  • NMP
  • Health
  • Transport
  • Security
  • Space
  • KBBE
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • SME
  • Infrastructure
6.Analysis per country
  • Players distribution in the most involved countries
  • Germany
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • Italy
  • Spain
7.Targeted markets
  • Classification
  • Distribution of funding
  • List of selected projects
  • About TEMATYS


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