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TEMATYS NEW RELEASE : « Photoacoustic Imaging: Technology, Systems, Market and Trends »

TEMATYS and LMDC are pleased to announce the release of their new market and technology report "Photoacoustic Imaging: Technologies, Systems, Market and Trends".

Abstract. This report studies Photoacoustic Imaging Technologies and Systems from research labs to clinical products and provides an understanding of the market, current and future trends.

In 2016, the total PAI biomedical and medical market was worth $ 35M, due to the Pre-clinical and Analytics segments only. It is forecasted to reach around     $ 240M in 2022. A sharp increase is expected starting from 2018, due to the release of clinical products that are to be approved in 2017 like the « Imagio » system from Seno Medical Instruments, US (already CE marked).

Learn more about the report Here and find out the key features of the report in the Flyer.

TEMATYS NEW RELEASE  » Miniature and Micro Spectrometers: End-user needs, Market and Trends »

TEMATYS is pleased to announce the release of its new market and technology report "Miniature and Micro Spectrometers: End-user needs, Markets and Trends".

Abstract. The miniaturization of spectrometers opens new in-line, on-field, Point-of-Care and consumer applications. This report studies the specificities of the compact spectrometers market in terms of users expectations, business models, technology and projected growth.



Learn more about the report: Here or find out the key features of the report on the Flyer


For the 2017- photonics West's edition, we are delighted to inform you that Tematys will give some talks and present posters. Take some time in between your visits and come to meet us in the following sessions, you are cordially invited:


  • SUNDAY 29 January, ROOM: MOSCONE WEST LEVELS 2 AND 3 from 5:30 PM TO 7:30 PM

State-of-the-art of photoacoustic imaging: applications and market trends[10064-119]

  • WEDNESDAY 1 February, ROOM: MOSCONE WEST LEVELS 2 AND 3 from 6:00 PM TO 8:00 PM

Miniature and micro spectrometers market: who is going to catch the value? – [10110-64]


  • WEDNESDAY 1 February, ROOM: 252 (SOUTH MEZZANINE) at 10:30 AM

Infrared: the next big thing in automotive sensors? (Invited Paper) – [10110-16]

  • TUESDAY 31 January, ROOM: 270 (SOUTH MEZZANINE) at 11:40 AM

The three functions of terahertz technologies: an industrial perspective[10103-22]

  • WEDNESDAY 1 February, ROOM: 2018 (WEST LEVEL 2) at 2:00 PM

The C3PO Project: A laser communication system concept for small satellites[10096-38]

  • WEDNESDAY 1 February, ROOM: 2018 (WEST LEVEL 2) at 2:40 PM

Weather impact on the availabilities of FSO space-to-ground links[10096-40]

TEMATYS NEW RELEASE: « Terahertz Components & Systems : Technology and Market trends»

THz Applications

In 2013, TEMATYS released a Terahertz systems report on market and technology trends covering the electromagnetic spectrum from 200GHz to 10THz. Since then, terahertz technologies have been deployed in a variety of new applications beyond their core scientific market. These include non-destructive testing in industry, defense and security, and biomedical.

In July 2016, there is a new report on Terahertz Components & Systems addressing and updating the latest sales trends in this rapidly-growing marketplace.

The whole terahertz systems market is expected to grow from almost €50 million in 2015 to about €100 million by 2020, with a CAGR of 16%. Within the whole, the industrial NDT market is seen as the major driver of terahertz market growth. The industrial NDT market accounted for almost half (46%) of the total terahertz systems market revenue in 2015 and this sector alone is expected to grow at a CAGR of 19% through 2020.

The better understanding of terahertz technologies’ abilities together with the evolution of the application markets will drive the growth of this market. The report analyzes key markets such as industrial non-destructive testing, defense and security, telecommunications and biomedical, to identify those where the demand for terahertz methods is most mature.

For more information see : TeraHertz Report – Flyer and Order Form

“Industrial landscape on spectrometers for the pharma, food and beverage market” Presented by Tematys


Clémentine Bouyé will make a presentation about “Industrial landscape on spectrometers for the pharma, food and beverage market” at the "Health Tech Event 5th Special Edition – Photonic Systems for Life Sciences Applications". This event takes place in Tyndall National Institute (Cork, Ireland) on 25 and 26 May 2016.

Both in the pharmaceutical and in the food & beverage industry there is a need for quality and process control, at every stage of the production and/or the transformation process from the analysis of raw materials to the test of packaging. Miniaturized optical spectrometers address very well this demand as they offer the ability of on-line and contactless measurement, on complex mixtures. These markets are a great opportunity for compact spectrometers. However, due to the diversity of product and process steps, each one requiring a personalized analysis, the adoption of these sensors faces some challenges that are discussed in this presentation.

The program of the evant is here.

Conferences on Applications and Markets at Photonics West 2016

TEMATYS will give talks on applications and markets in 3 different fields :

  • « Mini and micro spectrometers pave the way to on-field advanced analytics »
    17 February 2016 – 11:10 AM
  • « Photonics in advanced driver assistance systems: adoption rates and market forecasts »
    17 February 2016 – 11:30 AM
  • « Cascade laser applications: trends and challenges »
    18 February 2016 – 03:00 PM

We look forward to seeing you in San Francisco.

TEMATYS New Release: « Cascade Laser Components & Systems: Technology and Market Trends »

QCL Applis

Tematys is pleased to announce the release of its new report « Cascade Laser Components & Systems: Technology and Market trends ».

Advances in Cascade Lasers (CL) are revolutionizing Mid-Infrared spectroscopy and OEMs can count on two mature technologies: Interband Cascade Lasers (ICL) that are expected to be a cost killer in the 3-6 µm spectrum, and Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCL), with more power and a continuous wider spectral resolution from 3 to 300 µm.
The market is getting mature with strong players for driving applications like industry, environment, life science or transports.
As a consequence, the Cascade Laser (CL) market is expected to grow from 148M$ in 2015 up to 1.7B$ in 2024 with a strong CAGR increase due to the maturation of commercial products using CL components.

The present report analyzes CL components, systems and application markets trends. It evaluates the potential and the challenges to be faced in more than 25 market segments and provides an application roadmap for the next decade.
It also provides extensive market data in M$ from 2014 to 2024 for different applications: Industry, Security & Defence, Environment, Health Care, Transports.

For more information see :
Cascade Laser Report – Flyer and Order Form