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  • 💡 How is Photonics in France doing ❔

    More than 1050 companies, € 19 billion of sales and 73 000 employees – these are just few numbers from the latest Tematys‘ study prepared for Photonics France – fédération française de la Photonique .

    Interested in more details? You can find them below:

  • 🔔 New Tematys report is coming ❗

    The release of our 2020 Report on “Miniature, Micro and Chip-size Spectrometers” is coming very soon. We are happy to share first details of our study during new Product Lunch organized by EPIC – EUROPEAN PHOTONICS INDUSTRY CONSORTIUM.

    The event will take on Wednesday, October 14th 16:00 – 17:00 CEST.

    Would you like to attend the talk? Simply register to the webinar:

    EPIC Members New Product Release

    Hope to see you there!

  • Polygon Physics announced the closing of a funding by ITIC

    Tematys is glad to relay this good news about Polygon Physics, a company which manufactures cutting edge ion and plasma sources for the semiconductor and the photonic industry. Along with this agreement, Polygon Physics has demonstrated the potential of its unique technology through the signature this year of contracts with three major companies in The US, in EU and in Korea.

    It is now 14 years since Tematys’ associates performed the first market study for Pascal Sortais, the founder of Polygon Physics, as he was still researcher at CNRS. Today, the relationship is still vivid and Tematys is proud to have backed the company at many important moment of its life, especially for the last 2 years. All Tematys’ team wishes the best to Polygon Physics and encourage anyone to have a look on its amazing products (

  • Participate in the European Photonics Survey 2020 ❕


    (Please note it concerns the companies that have an office or a manufacturing activity located in Europe.)
    Tematys, together with Photonics21, is performing a market study on behalf of the European Commission to enable a good understanding of the current state of #Photonics in Europe.

    We would kindly ask you to participate in a survey which aims to gather key data for a comprehensive overview of photonics companies in Europe. Furthermore, the results will provide a baseline for advocating in favour of photonics current and future impact towards decision-makers as well as public and private investors. The final study will be available at the end of 2020.

    You can access the survey here:

    Only aggregated data will be used for the analysis: no individual company information will be presented or dispatched without authorization. The survey is open until 20th September 2020 by the end of the business day.

    Appreciate your time and efforts!

    Contacts: Thierry Robin, +33 6 48 08 63 32 –

  • 🏆 Teratonics wins the Industry 4.0 challenge!

    It is always good to cooperate with the best.

    We are happy that our long-term partner Teratonics has won the « Usine du Futur » challenge during the Techinnov – Paris La Défense 2020. Congratulations to the whole Teratonics team!

    More info: 👉

  • ❗ COVID-19 UPDATE The SPIE – Tematys Imaging and Sensing Marketplace

    Due to the increasing spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Europe the SPIE – Tematys Marketplace has been officially postponed.

    The event was primarily scheduled for March 30, 2020 during the SPIE Photonics Europe. New date of the marketplace will be announced soon.

    The decision to reschedule the event was taken in responsibility for the health of attendees.

    More information: Benoît d’Humières, +33 6 74 64 52 21 –

  • The SPIE – TEMATYS Imaging and sensing marketplace

    Date: Monday March 30, 2020

    Join this new industry event for senior level executives, investors, and other industry stakeholders seeking an in-depth understanding of the global marketplace for imaging and sensing. This Executive Seminar delivers a review of current applications, markets, and emerging opportunities based on the unique combination of TEMATYS’ photonics markets expertise and the extensive industry connections of SPIE.

    High level speakers are invited to detail their view of technological trends and emerging businesses of their market. First, an in-depth analysis of Imaging and Sensing components & systems is presented with segmentation of applications as well as market figures and forecast. Then, a keynote talk is given by a major player on his strategic vision of imaging & sensing evolution.

    The afternoon program focuses on two “hot” imaging and/or sensing topics, namely for 2020 1.Autonomous Driving & ADAS in Automotive and 2. Artificial Intelligence and Imaging. For each “hot” topic, three key players will share their view and discuss with the audience about new opportunities and incoming challenges.

    Contacts: Benoît d’HUMIERES, +33 6 74 64 52 21 –

  • SPIE Photonics West 2020

    SPIE PhotonicsWest has already started. It is an event we never miss at Tematys.

    We are looking forward to discussing with you all new trends in photonics tech- and markets and discovering new start-ups and emerging technologies. Jacques Cochard is there. You can reach him by LinkedIn, at or by phone: +33 6 89 37 57 88.

    What are your program for the exhibition? Share with us!

  • Press Release – Creation of the research association: Freeform Optics – Research & Solutions


    On September 12, 2019, the General Assembly for launching the research association “Freeform Optics – Research & Solutions” (FO-RS) was held in Créteil (France), at the offices of ESSILOR. FO-RS brings together companies and academic institutions wishing to join forces to promote and advance knowledge in the design, modelling, manufacturing, metrology and integration of freeform optical components. The objective of the association is to bring together scientists and industrial companies around concrete needs expressed by member companies.

    Read the full Press Release and learn more about the white papers upcoming chapters


    About freeform optics
    Freeform optics are optical components that no longer have an axis or centre of symmetry. Beyond their use in ophthalmology, astronomy and lighting for several decades, they have appeared in precision optical systems today, from automotive lighting to AR/VR devices. The use of freeform reduces the size of system, adds functionality and/or increases performance. Today, they constitute a disruptive technology that the FO-RS Association intends to address collectively.


    Benoît d’Humières
    Tel: 06 74 64 52 21
    6 cité de Trévise 75009 PARIS – FRANCE


    TEMATYS is pleased to announce the launching of its new white papers’ series dedicated to support SMEs and Start-ups growing their B2B sales and finding new markets. The series focuses on the business development of Hardware Photonics Products. The first three chapters have been published and are available on free access.

    The white papers’ series aims to provide the reader with a useful toolbox that he could use to acquire and convince new clients. The chapters will address essential themes of business development, such as:

    Read the full Press Release and learn more about the white papers upcoming chapters