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  • TEMATYS will attend the OpticsValley Workshop on Photonics in Automotive

    Jacques Cochard, TEMATYS Partner, will present a talk introducing the seminar:
    Photonics in the automobile: from a juxtaposition of components to the realization of increasingly strategic functions.

    The full program is here.

  • TEMATYS participera au Séminaire Opticsvalley : Les enjeux de la photonique pour l’industrie automobile – 20 mars 2015

    Jacques Cochard, associé de Tematys, présentera en introduction du séminaire une conférence :
    La photonique dans l’automobile : d’une juxtaposition de composants à la réalisation de fonctions de plus en plus stratégiques.

    Le programme complet est ici.


    We currently seek a student for working on a Study on mini/micro spectrometers and their applications.

    Students are immediately integrated into our work team as they work on a clearly defined project. All our internships deal with marketing of Photonic technologies and their application markets. Our students do not work on technical our scientific development even if they need some understanding of Photonics.

    For details see here.

  • Tematys will attend the 6th Lighting Congress , from 11 to 13 March 2015, in Troyes, France

    Lumen Per Watt, Yes ! But Lumen For What ?

    Jacques Cochard will provide an overview of new uses of lighting and their impact on the evolutions of existing players, during the introductory session on March 11 in the morning.

    Program :

  • Tematys participera au 6eme congrès Eclairage, du 11 au 13 mars 2015, à Troyes

    Tout comme la médecine est en train d’évoluer vers des modalités de plus en plus personnalisée, l’éclairage, auparavant extrêmement générique – des ampoules maillant un plafond – est en train d’évoluer vers de nouvelles fonctions autorisées par l’introduction de l’électronique au coeur même de la lumière. Au delà des gains économiques escomptés dans les dépenses d’exploitation, qui ont porté la première révolution des LEDs, ces sources de lumière autorisent aujourd’hui les designers et ingénieurs à envisager de nouveaux usages pour la lumière, à la fois capteur et transmetteur d’information. Jacques Cochard, de Tematys, brossera un panorama de ces nouveaux usages et l’impact de ces nouveaux usages sur les métiers des acteurs en place, lors de la session d’introduction, le 11 mars au matin.

    Programme sur

  • Publication of the Report about French Photonics – A study conducted by Tematys

    Tematys conducted in collaboration with Erdyn, a study for the French Ministry of Industry.

    This study aimed to establish a state-of-the-art of the French Photonics, to conduct an international comparison and to identify the value chains for priority development in France.

    Link to the synthesis in French.

  • Tematys will present a Poster on OCT Market at BIOS 2015 (San Francisco)

    Tematys will present a poster entitled “Drivers of the OCT market growth in healthcare applications” at BiOS Photonics West 2015 on sunday 8 February 2015. The poster session starts at 5:30 pm in Room 103 (Exhibit Level).

    Come to meet us (poster number: 9312-97) !

    Information about our report “Optical Coherence Tomography for Healthcare and Life Science” : here


  • Article on intraoperative assessment of tumor margins from Tematys

    Tematys, together with EPIC – the European Photonics Industry Consortium, published in bioPHOTONICS (Decelber 2014) an article on the advances in intraoperative assessment of tumor resection margins. The article is based on a workshop organized by EPIC in July 2014 at the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam. Clinicians and technology developers discussed the difficulties of evaluating tumor margins during surgeries and tried to determine how photonic technologies can be helpful.

    Link for the article

  • Tematys mentioned in a local TV reportage

    Tematys is mentioned in a local TV reportage on the Institut d’optique Graduate school Innovation center (mn 0:41).


  • What marketing can bring to photonic technologies (English version)

    « Facts exist outside the building,
    Opinion reside within,
    So, get the hell outside the building! »
    Steve Blank

    Imagine you are appointed for leading the design of the next Ariane Rocket. How are you going to do?

    Undoubtedly, with common sense, you will think: “before choosing the diameter of the rocket, the power of its engine, its carrying capacity and so, I need to know what the rocket will have to carry in space.” You will want to estimate how many satellites are to be launched in the coming years, what will be their size, their weight, their functions (scientific, weather, imaging, positioning, defense …). Will it be necessary to launch them one by one, or should the rocket be able to launch several satellites at the same time, like for Galileo ? How much customers are they willing to pay for a launch service ? And of course, what are the strengths and weaknesses of competing rockets?

    How are you going to answer all these questions? This is obvious: ask the future customers, those who control and operate satellites. Nobody else can provide this valuable and critical information for designing the future rocket.

    Seek to understand the end-users needs in order to define a product, this is the core value of marketing.  Strangely, what seems obvious for the Ariane rocket, is sometimes seen as superfluous when it comes to photonic products.

    The added value of marketing

    The 3 main missions of Marketing are the following:

    1. Listen future users to define the features of a product; 
    2. Understand the targeted market, its players, its drivers, the trends and the competition in order to build a market access strategy; how to enter the market, be part of the value chain and capture rapid and sustainable margins and revenues.
    3. Develop the strategy and tools for the promotion of the new product and the development of the reputation of the company.

    Very often, marketing is reduced into its the 3rd mission. It is true that it is more critical for BtoC products, as in the luxury market, in retail, or automotive.
    But for
    BtoB technological products, it is completly different. The first two missions are the one that matter most. And this sometimes leads to a misunderstanding about the usefulness of Marketing for Photonics markets.

    Marketing for boosting Photonic businesses

    In Photonics, the first task is to question the future users to outline the features of the future product, so that it responds more closely to the customer needs. The objective is to produce a functional specifications or a market requirement document.

    The second mission of marketing applied to Photonics is to develop an access strategy to become not only a competitive supplier, but also to be regarded by integrators as a reference for designing the components and photonic subsystems of the future.