Services provided

Reports Companies Research PublicInstitution

  • Market research
  • Technological benchmark
  • Prospective studies
Market studies & strategy Companies PublicInstitution

  • Market studies
  • Market entry strategy & roadmaps
  • Diversification
  • Pre-commercial prospection
Technology transfer & Research valorization Companies Research

  • Marketing & exploitation of Research results
  • Collaborative research consortia set-up
  • Technology transfer strategy
Product features definition Companies

  • Users needs – Market Requirements Document (MRD)
  • Product Requirements Document (PRD)
  • Feasibility studies
  • Sourcing & technology assessment

What they want: Understand their Market, Pan out strategy

Market entry. Study photonic markets, elaborate strategies for developing and selling innovative photonic products and technologies.

Market entry
Market entry

Sourcing. Detect, benchmark and assess new technologies that could increase their competitiveness on application markets (life science, defense, aerospace…).

Sourcing process
Sourcing process