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TEMATYS is pleased to welcome Mr. Dominique Bonnisseau as Associate-Partner of the company. As an expert in commercial development of high-tech hardware product in BtoB markets, Dominique will bring to Tematys the ability to extend its offer.

Since December 2010, Tematys has successfully been developing its marketing and strategic consulting activity dedicated to Photonics companies and research organizations. For companies of any size, from early stage start-ups to industrial groups, the company would help transform photonic technologies into commercial product and setup growth strategies. Tematys would also provide comprehensive understanding on trends, markets and use of photonic technologies through its market reports.

Thanks¬†to Dominique’s expertise, Tematys is now able to support its clients in the implementation its marketing and strategic recommendations. For SMEs, we can now support them in the commercialization of new photonic or high-tech hardware products. It is an easy way for companies which have limited human resources for business development and sales to increase the incomes at a worldwide scale.

For Start-ups, it is often difficult to reach the first sales of new or disruptive products, especially when they are not yet entirely stabilized in terms of industrialization. Tematys can now help to go accomplish these two so important steps: one, to get the first sale and two, even more important, to install a product on its market.

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