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New report: Metamaterials & Metasurfaces for Optics and RF: Market, Technologies And Trends (2024)

TEMATYS’ latest report on METAMATERIALS & METASURFACES FOR OPTICS AND RF 2024 is out and includes: Technologies, Market Trends and Customers’ Needs (2023). Order now 👉 .

Main lessons from the report

Despite some remaining challenges, the progress made to date shows great promise for the development of optics, photonics and RF systems.For the RF market, metamaterials targeting microwave frequencies have been successfully harnessed for wireless (antenna) technology and they are now entering 5G and 6G infrastructure and other devices.The main trends in Optics is the development of Metalenses and Metacomponents for smartphones, 3D sensing and AR/VR devices.

Thanks to unusual performances, Metamaterials and Metasurfaces will very soon lead to disruptions on the markets.These performances, together with reduced size and weight, and new functionalities, make Metamaterials and Metasurfaces a potential game-changer, with the opportunity to revolutionize a lot of products in Optics and RF.

The report is priced at €3,990.00 (Tax excluded).

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