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TEMATYS New Release: « Cascade Laser Components & Systems: Technology and Market Trends »

QCL Applis

Tematys is pleased to announce the release of its new report « Cascade Laser Components & Systems: Technology and Market trends ».

Advances in Cascade Lasers (CL) are revolutionizing Mid-Infrared spectroscopy and OEMs can count on two mature technologies: Interband Cascade Lasers (ICL) that are expected to be a cost killer in the 3-6 µm spectrum, and Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCL), with more power and a continuous wider spectral resolution from 3 to 300 µm.
The market is getting mature with strong players for driving applications like industry, environment, life science or transports.
As a consequence, the Cascade Laser (CL) market is expected to grow from 148M$ in 2015 up to 1.7B$ in 2024 with a strong CAGR increase due to the maturation of commercial products using CL components.

The present report analyzes CL components, systems and application markets trends. It evaluates the potential and the challenges to be faced in more than 25 market segments and provides an application roadmap for the next decade.
It also provides extensive market data in M$ from 2014 to 2024 for different applications: Industry, Security & Defence, Environment, Health Care, Transports.

For more information see :
Cascade Laser Report – Flyer and Order Form

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