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TEMATYS NEW RELEASE: « Terahertz Components & Systems : Technology and Market trends»

THz Applications

In 2013, TEMATYS released a Terahertz systems report on market and technology trends covering the electromagnetic spectrum from 200GHz to 10THz. Since then, terahertz technologies have been deployed in a variety of new applications beyond their core scientific market. These include non-destructive testing in industry, defense and security, and biomedical.

In July 2016, there is a new report on Terahertz Components & Systems addressing and updating the latest sales trends in this rapidly-growing marketplace.

The whole terahertz systems market is expected to grow from almost €50 million in 2015 to about €100 million by 2020, with a CAGR of 16%. Within the whole, the industrial NDT market is seen as the major driver of terahertz market growth. The industrial NDT market accounted for almost half (46%) of the total terahertz systems market revenue in 2015 and this sector alone is expected to grow at a CAGR of 19% through 2020.

The better understanding of terahertz technologies’ abilities together with the evolution of the application markets will drive the growth of this market. The report analyzes key markets such as industrial non-destructive testing, defense and security, telecommunications and biomedical, to identify those where the demand for terahertz methods is most mature.

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